We are delighted to unveil a brand new service for 2018 – copy typing and transcriptions of:

•    Typed documents
•    Handwritten books, poems, diaries etc.
•    Audio recordings

If you need to edit a previously printed item but you don’t have a copy on your computer, we can help. We can re-type the book or document for you so that you can make changes to it.

We can also copy type something that is handwritten or transcribe a sound recording.

Once the typing or transcription is complete, we can also help you with:

•    Editing
•    Proofreading
•    Cover design
•    Text layout
•    Printing and binding

A back-up file is also created so even if you have trouble with your computer there will always be a copy available to you.

What to do next
If you don’t have time to type it yourself or if you don’t have access to a computer, simply contact Giles Crosthwaite-Scott to discuss your particular needs and he will guide you through the process:

06 753 0021
0272 118 653