This month we completed the printing of Chris Baber’s first book, ‘Black Monsters and Dark Places’. The book is a brutally honest account of Chris’ battle with depression and his eventual escape.

From the back cover:

Black Monsters & Dark Places by Chris Baber

‘You have to be in a deep, dark, horrible place to want to kill yourself. You have to believe that there is nothing and no one to save you. There can be nothing and no one worth living for.

It is a deep, dark hole in the ground that smothers you and chokes the life from you.

I’ve been in that deep, dark place where I was drowning in darkness. If you are alive right now, do not waste that life. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone in what you are experiencing. This is my story of escape – this is the story of why I am still alive.’




Chris is making the first 100 copies of the book available free of charge to anyone who is also battling depression and needs some help.

You can contact Chris via email: