Freelance magazine March issue is out now.

Below is editor Jenny Argante’s description of the issue:

Freelance magazine_March_2017

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“Our Writer’s Journey in Freelance March 2017, now winging its way to subscribers, features John Stuart Reynolds and his story of a different take on the Nottingham Forest adversaries of the wicked sheriff and bad King John.

We also feature a gecko, though indirectly, and we have the honour of including as our subliminal lesson on writing a poem by Dame Fiona Kidman.

And there’s Part 2 of Sally Sutton’s excellent advice on writing picture books for children. Sally was a speaker at last year’s Bookrapt in Tauranga, and she really knows her stuff.

And regular contributor Diane Cullen Smith, no mean teller of tales herself, presents us with another excellent example of the photographer’s art.

If you’ve not discovered Freelance – Writers Helping Writers yet, please do write in and ask for a free sample copy. But it won’t be this, our latest issue!”

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