Step 4: Design

The importance of good design

Strong cover design is critical to the initial impact a book has on a reader or purchaser. The quality of the interior design also adds to how it is first judged. A poor choice of font or a jumbled layout can influence the decision to purchase or make reading less enjoyable.

You work so hard on creating your book’s contents — a super designer’s touch will bring it to life and do it justice  . . .  at a price to suit your budget.

At PublishMe any design work you pay for belongs to you. You can have the files to use however you wish. We will store a PDF for your reprints and a copy for you as a backup, but the ownership of the work is always yours.

Select a package below and contact your client manager to discuss how to make it happen quickly and easily.

Watch the video to view a selection of designs by Adrian, our talented in-house designer

PublishMe designer, Adrian Wright, is a real asset to the PublishMe team:

• talented and qualified with over 11 years experience in book design
• listens to you, the client and by understanding your needs, can quickly create just the right outcome


Standard package

Suitable for;
Family & Friends
Local market
Eye catching


Specialist package

Suitable for;
Retail &
commercial books,
Standout design.
More complexity


Small – under 30,000 words

Text plus
fewer than
5 images.


Medium – 30,000 – 70,000 words

Text plus
fewer than
5 images


Large – 70,000+  words

Text plus
fewer than
5 images


Get A Quote


For interior design
With more than
5 images
Contact PublishMe
for a quote.

Our expertise is free to you in these downloads.

If you want to create smart, print-ready files yourself click these free download titles.

documentStandard book sizes inside page specifications
PublishMe standard book sizes, inside page specifications. (6 pages)
documentStandard book sizes cover specifications
PublishMe standard book sizes, cover specifications. (21 pages)

What you’ll get:

PublishMe standard book sizes inside page specifications.
• Detailed information about laying out the inside pages of your book.
• The margins for PublishMe’s standard book sizes.
• How to set up each size for printing.
• Clear information and a template to make it easy.
PublishMe standard book sizes cover specifications.
• Details about laying out the cover for each of PublishMe’s standard book sizes.
• An easy-to-use template.

Self-publishers share their experiences.

“I have two PublishMe books under my belt – one for myself and one for a delightful 89-year-old lady with whom I was working. It was such a pleasure to work with the PublishMe team on our precious projects.
Our many questions always received prompt, understandable (and never patronising) answers. We were given heaps of advice on ways to reduce our costs, and were well supported in following up on it.
The PublishMe designer produced a stunning cover for my client’s book – the crowning glory for all her hard work.
If you are looking to publishing a book, I totally recommend that you trust PublishMe to help you every step of the way, no matter how little you know about any part of the process.”

Lisa Lark, compiler and editor of Lois Knight’s book, Grandma’s Island