Step 1: Plan Your Book

It makes good sense to self-publish your book, you are in control and make all the decisions throughout the publishing process and you retain the copyright for your work.

Need the essential knowledge to become a truly successful self-publisher?

That knowledge is easily accessible and provided freely in PublishMe’s five-step process with free information downloads for each step and quality, affordable design options.

Planning your book

When you plan well you minimise work throughout the writing and publishing processes. A clear direction means reworking is reduced, costs are kept down and the project takes less time and has fewer hassles.

Set your goals

It is vitally important to consider and set the overall goals you have for your self-published work — your goals will have an impact on the decisions you make along the way.

For example, if your self-publishing project is a book of poetry or memoirs to share with family and friends the planning will be quite different to what would be required if you wanted to self-publish and sell a serious non-fiction book in a hard-copy format.

Click through all five steps on the PublishMe site to get a good understanding of the whole process. This will help you set your goals and make the planning and implementation process easier.

Our expertise is free to you in these downloads.

To develop good skills and processes click the links below to get your copy of:

documentHow to plan your fiction book
Features a handy checklist approach to areas of planning including the six Ps of fiction writing: Prepare, Plan, Plot, People, Places, and Premises. (20 pages)

documentHow to plan your non-fiction book
Features a checklist to ensure you progress in a logical way. PANIC . . . you won’t of course; it’s just a handy way to remember the steps outlined in the download: Prepare, Arrange, Narrow, Investigate and Commence. (19 pages)

documentHow to plan your memoirs and family histories
Gives you tips, notes and advice collated from PublishMe’s seminars and our many memoir writers. (11 pages)

documentEbook FAQs
Gives answers to over 30 questions clients have asked about ebooks. They may open up possibilities for your work you hadn’t considered. (10 pages)

Self-publishers share their experiences.

Linda Dawley, author of The Tooth Fairy’s Mistake

“PublishMe provides screeds of information for authors, is well run, organized and very professional. The thing that really works for me about PublishMe is the people who work there. No question is too much trouble or inconvenient, they are knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge–and a delight to work with.”

Louise Gilbert, author of I Met My Soul in a Coffee Shop

“I first came into contact with PublishMe back in 2009 when I had just started writing my book. At that time I was full of questions and changeable demands: could I print on special paper with a gold edge? could I include a ribbon for a bookmark? could I get my book to Frankfurt bookfair? what if I wanted an embossed title? Could Publishme meet my timeframes?”