Giles and I are proud to announce the publication of Janis Grummitt’s book, ‘Sleep Well to Live Well’.

In this book, Janis outlines a simple approach that she has used herself to improve sleep. She spent 12 years researching practical ways to improve her brain after damage in 2007. She believes that sleep is fundamental to good health, happiness and sanity. This is a book about ‘the guts’ of how to sleep well and her story of transformation. It may be the first book written by a non-technical specialist in language that most of us can grasp and with a pragmatic approach that has been tried and tested by the author.

Janis is an inspirational speaker and offers personal coaching, group support and organisation programmes to improve wellbeing through better sleep. She blogs and uses social media to promote ideas and information.

To buy your copy of ‘Sleep Well to Live Well’ and view Janis’s other sleep resources please visit:


(Image by Mahurangi Matters)