“Art That Heals” by Carrie Brightwell.

I’ll let Carrie describe her book in her own words:

“Welcome to a world of healing at your fingertips. This book is unlike any other mandala colouring book you can buy. It’s authentic, original, unique, and full of unconditional universal love.

“It is designed to empower and heal you.  You choose when, where, and how you wish to receive the benefits from these mandalas and the Reiki energy that was thoughtfully put into them.

“Allow yourself to reap all benefits of meditating in a playful yet focused way. Give your mind and body the healing it needs and help yourself create the future of your dreams.

“Reclamation of Power

“I have selected and shared very empowering energies to help you release yourself from fear and unserving habits, to help you gain strength, hope, and a stronger connection with your intuition.

“This book is now available to buy in New Zealand! Get your copy now and begin your fun, focused and healing meditative journey 💜”

And here’s where you can buy your copy. It would make an excellent gift, or you can keep it for yourself: https://brightwellbeing.co.uk/art-that-heals-reclamation…/

P.S. Folks, if you visit this link, you can receive a free Reiki infused colouring mandala. Why wouldn’t you? Enjoy. Lel.