New release!
“A Life Worth Living (and it’s not over yet!)” by George Gallop. George is a terrific guy and his book is stuffed with stories from his fascinating life. If you’re a hunter, it’s a must-read. George also spent many years with the Taranaki Regional Council, tirelessly working on pest eradication. Thank you, George.
In his own words: “My life has been considerably different to most boomers – as a child, living on lighthouses, attending boarding school from the age of 8 and then spending some 50 years as a professional, commercial and recreational hunter. I have hunted every game animal and pest animal in New Zealand, and managed and trained others in the profession.”
It was George’s grandson, Jordan, who encouraged (read: pestered) him into writing his memoir, and it’s a reminder from the kids themselves about how important it is to leave such a legacy for them. If you’re hesitating about writing your own memoir, therefore, hesitate no longer. It’ll be the Christmas holidays soon and you’ll have the time to get started.
Speaking of Christmas, George’s book would make a terrific gift, and if you’d like a copy, just email me at and I’ll pass along your details to George’s lovely wife, Jocelyn. Good going, George, and we hope it’s not over for many years! Lel.