We at PublishMe are proud to announce the release of author Robert Miller’s excellent Sci-Fi book, ‘The Landing Zone’.  It’s available on Amazon now, at https://www.amazon.com.au/Landing-Zone-Mech-Bo…/…/B089RDLRV6?fbclid=IwAR1JdebBtNovSBJGuVMmqMbH1iYepaI0CUkZZKTjHbEFszk_1RHPQtGmxG8 so head over there and grab a copy. I enjoyed it immensely and when you read it, like me, you’ll be keenly waiting for Robert (pictured ) to hurry up and finish book two. (Hurry up, Robert 😉) It’s extremely well crafted and vivid and the characters are believable and likeable. You really couldn’t ask for more. It’d make an awesome Christmas present for any Sci-Fi lovers you know. Lel.

“On the brink of planet Earth’s destruction, the Council had one choice; to send Vapor, a man-made Artificial Intelligence Mech, to populate a massively well-resourced planet on the outer edge of the solar system.
“Instead, Vapor followed a path twisted by desire and greed as he created the largest and strongest army that humanity had ever faced. For fifty years, humankind have tried and failed to recapture planet Mech, forcing an unlikely hero to attempt that seemingly impossible task.”