Jacko. One Bloke. One Year, by Robert Philip Bolton.

Says the author:
“You’ll grow to know Jacko. But will you like him?
Jackson Fearnsby’s fiftieth year began badly, ended better, and was in between punctuated by a series of seasonal events and anniversaries shared with his friends and family. Set in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1950, this story follows the life of an ordinary man in an ordinary job living an ordinary life with his ordinary family in an ordinary city – then no more than a large town – while struggling with the doubts and anxieties which came with middle-age to an already troubled mind.”
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this touching story of a man contemplating his life at fifty in 1950s Auckland. I wasn’t there then, but the book is so evocative of the time and place that I felt I was sharing Jacko’s year with him. Terrific reading.
If you’d like to start a Robert Philip Bolton book collection, you could do worse than beginning with this one. You can reach Mr Bolton at either robert@bolton.co.nz or www.bolton.co.nz or you can go straight to Amazon and find this wonderful book there. Lel.