The month sees the publication of Jenni Francis’ latest book ‘Danger Signs’. You can find more information about Jenni and all her books by visiting her website:

Danger Signs Jenni FrancisFrom the back cover:

‘Sando is deeply resentful of his hearing impaired brother Jordan, begrudging the time and attention given to him.  Drawing on her experience as a teacher of the deaf Jenni Francis shows how siblings in those families of children with a difference can experience loneliness, isolation and resentment. Sando is deeply unhappy.

While on holiday at the beach Sando and Jordan become acquainted with the girls from another family. Resentful again, of the attention given to Jordan from Keri and her friend, it is only after being put in a hazardous situation that he finds that being able to communicate differently has its advantages.

This is a ripping ‘summer holiday’ yarn after the fashion of Arthur Ransome where young people become embroiled in danger and adventure.’