We’ve just printed and delivered Roy Tait’s latest book ‘Bloody Motion’. The book is the sequel to Roy’s first book ‘Bloody Weather’ and the third title in the series is being worked on at the moment.

Roy Tait comments, “My books reflect my two careers. I am a qualified engineer who became a nurse. For the last ten years I have worked as a Health Care Assistant. Part of my spare time I’m in Drag and present the Bingay as the bingo caller at Mal and Scottie’s cocktail bar on Cuba street known as S&M’s. Most people know me as my drag character which is the Duchess (Rose Twildo) or as Roy for Care Direct which is the nursing agency I work for. This year I married my partner Peter. We have been partners since 1987 getting hitched first in England in a ceremony called partners for life.. We then had a civil union in 2005 here in New Zealand. Born and raised in England around the Luton area, I am very proud to be a New Zealand citizen.”

Copies of both titles can be ordered by contacting Roy via email: roytait2@xtra.co.nz

Bloody Motion Roy Tait

 Book synopsis:

 ‘WELLINGTON OF THE FUTURE, NEW ZEALAND. The M3 corporation consisted of three divisions at war with  each other. Thanks to a theft that jeopardized the safety of a fleet of ships, David Bemworth of the Anti Terrorist Agency was about to find out just how cruel the M3 coproration could be to anyone who tried to take sides in a bid to stop the crisis that would happen in Wellington New Zealand.’





Bloody Weather Roy TaitBook synopsis:

‘MELBOURNE OF THE FUTURE, AUSTRALIA. The weather and a large corporation have turned nasty. Saboteurs attempts to bring down a Skyscraper during a storm are complicated by a hard working family.’