Seeds of Discontent by Susannah BrobynIt’s with great pleasure that we announce the completion and availability of Seeds of Discontent by author Susannah Brobyn. The synopsis is below and if you like the sound of it and would like to buy a copy (it’d make a great present for the women in your life), you can get it through or you can write to 12 Hilden Place, Hilltop, Taupo 3330.

Well done, Susannah, for writing such a lovely book and I’m already looking forward to your next work. Lel.

“Several women unknown to each other and of various ages and stages of life meet at Kotuku. Each of the women is at a transitional stage in her life. They slowly adjust to each other and what Kotuku has to offer them.

Journeys into the mysteries of the unknown self. A discovery of future potential and promise. A gift each of the women gives to herself through insight and discernment. Of future possibilities hidden by burdens of their past. Seeing through their light of understanding an acceptance of their life journey.

Through dreams and the telling of humorous parables the women begin to understand and come to terms with their seeds of discontent.

Eventually their resolutions through their discoveries lead them to accept their own beliefs and knowing. The letting go of previous angst to rejoice in new revelations.”