Collaboration with Christine Sheehy, Book Coach

In further news, we recently connected with Christine Sheehy, a non-fiction book coach certified by Author Accelerator and based in Matakana, north of Auckland. She works with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts in their fields to shape their ideas into compelling non-fiction books. If you have a unique methodology or framework, or knowledge to share and a story to tell, Christine can help you define your idea, plan the book’s content, and get your words onto the page. Check out her website at, or visit her Facebook page:

Want a head start on planning your non-fiction book? Go here to sign up for her free masterclass, Nail Your Non-Fiction Book Idea. You’ll get instant access to the class once you’ve entered your email address.

Christine’s a lovely lady, who’s extremely accomplished in her field, and we look forward to working with her in the future. If you know of anyone who would benefit from her help, please do pass on the above details to them. Lel.