Writing a Book

Good planning and writing will minimise reworking. Our free downloads below will help save you time and money.

The degree of writing expertise you need will depend on:

  • The genre.
  • The final goal you have for your self-published work.
  • How you envisage it being ‘published’.

Writing your book

Well-planned writing should be matched with good editing and proofreading, whatever you publish and whatever your goals. However, if you are writing and self-publishing a novel to sell, the writing skills and polishing required can differ, for example, from memoirs you intend to share only with family and friends.

If you are a business or a business leader wanting to self-publish a company handbook or a book that summarises your intellectual property and you don’t have the writing expertise in-house, you will need to think about contracting someone to ensure the end product is fully professional.

Email your PublishMe client manager, Giles, for help with your options.

Our publishing expertise is free to you in these downloads:

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